Patrick J. McKenna

March 2014

An internationally recognized authority on law firm management, Patrick McKenna has, since 1983, worked with the top leaders of premier firms around the globe to discuss, challenge and escalate their thinking on how to manage and compete effectively.

A frequent writer on the challenges of firm leadership, he is the author or co-author of seven books, most notably First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals, which topped business bestseller lists in the United States, Canada and Australia; has been translated into nine languages; and is currently in its sixth printing.

McKenna has worked with at least one of the largest law firms in over a dozen different countries. His work with North American law firms has evidenced him serving at least 62 of the largest NLJ 250 firms. His consulting expertise was acknowledged in 2008 when he was identified through independent research compiled and published by Lawdragon as "one of the most trusted names in legal consulting" and his three decades of experience in consulting led to his being the subject of a Harvard Law School Case Study entitled: Innovations In Legal Consulting (2011).