.Additional insureds and bad faith   
Review a new ruling dealing with when an insurer breaches its duty to defend an additional insured.
.Insurance policies and breach of contract exclusions   
Liability insurers frequently assert that contractual liabilities do not fall within their policies' insuring agreements, and they also commonly attempt to rely on policy exclusions and public policy arguments to deny coverage for breach of contract
.Misconceptions about an insurer's duty to defend   
In spite of the Supreme Court's continuing reaffirmation of the broad "potential for coverage" standard, policyholders continue to hold many misconceptions about when a duty to defend is owed.
An insurer's liability for failure to settle   
Insurers and insureds often disagree about whether a claim or lawsuit against an insured should be settled and if so, for how much. What should not be subject to disagreement is an insurer's duty to pay reasonable settlements.
Proving attorney fees in insurance coverage disputes   
One question that typically arises when an insured seeks to recover fees is: What "proof" must an insured offer regarding the attorney fees it has incurred?
Reasonable expectations for 'replacement cost' coverage   
Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court made an important ruling that will help to combat the "Underinsurance Crisis."