.Partners, associates and ethics   
Some of the most difficult ethical issues arise not out of an attorney's own conduct, but rather out of instances where an attorney observes unethical behavior by another attorney.
(Special Credit -- Legal Ethics)
Don't let conflicts of interest get you down   
After working hard to bring in a new client or matter, the prospect of losing the client or matter because of conflicts is difficult for attorneys to swallow.
Mandatory fee arbitration: a primer   
MFAs are a great way for lawyers to resolve fee disputes and avoid malpractice claims and State Bar complaints.
More contract attorney complications   
Law firms should carefully consider whether their policies and procedures are sufficient to allow the firm to reap the benefits of contract attorneys while limiting the associated risks.
Contract attorney complications   
It is becoming more common for law firms to use contract attorneys to assist with large projects or document reviews to help keep costs down. Make sure you know the rules.
Ensure that your clients pay your fees   
After spending countless hours, months and even years working on a case, the last thing you want to worry about is not getting paid.