.Dealing With Deposition Stipulations   
Know and understand the Southern California deposition stipulation to project experience and protect your clients.
.The Ever-Growing Need for an e-Discovery Attorney at the Corporate Level   
The key is having the right person in the right place at the right time
.Appointment of discovery referees   
Learn about the source of a court's authority to appoint a referee, the scope of referee appointment orders, and referees' powers.
.Maintain professionalism in depositions   
To avoid the ire of the court and serious sanctions, attorneys taking and defending depositions should conduct themselves as if they were speaking before a judge.
Discovery and the attorney-client privilege   
Learn about the elements of the privilege, what is not covered by the privilege, waiver, and the mechanics of adjudicating an assertion of the privilege.
Interrogatories and demands to produce   
Earn MCLE learning about interrogatories and demands to produce documents.
Discovery requests for admissions   
Requests to admit are not "true" discovery. They are primarily aimed at setting to rest a triable issue so that it will not have to be tried.
Introduction to civil discovery   
The objective of this article and accompanying self-assessment test is to provide bench officers and lawyers with an introduction to California civil discovery.
.Privileged Witness Statements   
A recent California Supreme Court decision clarifies what kind of witness statements merit work product privilege.